When I looked back at these pictures, I noticed I looked pensive. A lot was revealed and unfolded this week. When I opened the door in front of me, I was faced with many decisions. My life has been quiet and peaceful for the past couple of months. But I admit I was getting a bit restless with the stillness. Nevertheless, my faith is strong in this time of change.

So I decided to take a walk over to a small boardwalk in my apartment complex that overlooks Maul Lake in North Miami Beach. On the way, we ran into a beautiful iguana basking in the sun.

In this session, I’m wearing a dress from Pylo. It’s an old style, like many of the pieces in my closet. After a year, I finally found an opportunity to wear it. I chose to pair it with a Native American-inspired choker and bracelet from Earthbound Trading Company.

On a side note, I felt like Britney Spears in her “Sometimes” video.


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