On Saturday, my parents and I drove up to West Palm Beach. I’m always down for a road trip to anywhere! I usually put on the America station on Pandora, but I’ve been trying to step out of my box, which is easier when you’re on vacation. I’m taking a couple of months off  before I go on the job hunt. But I’ve got to get back out there soon! Nevertheless, I put on the Donna Summer and Chic station–two of my favorite disco artists.

The water was beautiful. **As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Oceans by Pearl Jam.**  Yes, the MTV Unplugged version!

What’s strange is I’ve been avoiding being submerged in water–one of my favotite pastimes. I’ve had this unbearable and sleepless itch in my ears for months. I tried ear plugs, antibiotic and allergy pills, nasal spray, Vaseline…the list goes on. Nothing would get rid of the itch! So, I read some blog posts about olive oil and garlic as a natural remedy for an ear infection. After 5 days, my itch is dying down!

As I sat no more than 20 feet from the water, I envisioned myself jumping in.

I mean…I can go in and just avoid getting my head wet, I thought.

But what’s the point if I can’t flip, twist and pretend I’m a mermaid?


Romper: Free People

Sandals and Accessories: Lucky Brand

Choker: KatjaRomaine (Shop coming soon.)

Edited on MIX.


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