Welcome to Me

Hello and welcome to me. Okay, I took that from Kristen Wiig–one actor whose movies (every movie) I must watch. I cannot even do that with James Franco, one of my other favorite actors. I’m getting off topic. So, welcome back to me! I’ve been wanting to start this personal blog since 2013. I’ve had other blogs for college projects and post World Cup 2010 (Umm…Sergio Ramos). But I’ve never had a personal blog to write about my 20s, trials, accomplishments and fashion. This is it. Everyone told me to do it. But I kept finding every excuse to not do it. Again, this is it.

So, I’ve been reading Free People’s blog lately and they wrote a post about doing something  every day for 10 minutes that you can’t get yourself to do. “That’s it!” I said in a Charlie Brown tone.

Again, welcome to me. My name is Katia, and I’m a 29-year-old late bloomer who will use this space to write about my travels, health, style, music, movies and jewelry, a hobby I picked up last summer.

In the meanwhile, take a look at these shots my mom got of me in our apartment complex. Yes, those are Christmas lights still wrapped around a Pine tree in July.

I am afraid when it comes to being in front of the camera–a fear I hope to let go of with this blog.


Top and Skirt: Free People

Sandals: Lucky Brand

Choker: KatjaRomaine (My jewelry and blog name.)



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